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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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check this out on our weather camera. this is wisconsin avenue somewhere down there in the fog. 71 right now. we could see a stray shower, maybe drizzle in spots this morning too with the fog. by noon partly sunny, 80. this afternoon slight chance after shower. 83 for the drive home. we'll have a high of 85. we're looking at a dense fog advisory northern shenandoah valley and off to the northeast till 8:00 a.m. but not for the washington metro even though some of these visibilities are down to an eighth of a mile at dulles. national, baltimore, manassas, warrenton half-mile visibility. even frederick now. quarter mile in hagueerstown. watch out for the fog. give yourself extra time. some showers overnight have lifted into pennsylvania and delaware. high later about 85. it will be nice then. let's go to beverly farmer, 6:00 a.m., timesaver traffic. if you're headed north i-95 you have the wet pavement, the fog factor and the volume that's building northbound 95 first to get into quantico from aquia getting up past the prince william parkway. the volume takes you most of the way into woodbridge, across
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the occoquan and heavy into newingson. 395 not too bad past landmark. there's a crash to go 395 on the ramp the left side is tied up. traveling in on 66 we see delays in manassas and centreville through fair oaks and more volume building. the hov restrictions load up inside or kick in inside falls church in half an hour. so the pace is heavier on the right side of the screen past sycamore street into boston. as you head out of college park to silver spring, maybe a pleasant surprise. the work dozen changing the traffic patterns shifts the lanes to the right but they're all together, no longer dividing around the jersey wall. metrorail has a problem with escalators out of service on the red line at woodly park. back to you. it was ten years ago this morning our region came under attack by a pair of snipers. when the terror ended ten people were dead and three more were hurt. >> most of the physical signs are gone but a lot of the
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memories still remain. kristin fisher is live in silver spring, maryland with a look back this morning. good morning. >> reporter: this is actually the scene of the third shooting on the more than ten years ago today. sarah ramos, a 34-year-old housekeeper was just reading a book sitting on a bench outside this crisp & juicy restaurant when she was shot and killed. at first no one really knew what happened. the first person to call 911 actually thought it was a suicide. >> i need an ambulance and police at leisure world plaza at the end by the post office. a girl just shot herself. >> reporter: we don't seem to have that tape but apparently the first 911 caller thought it was a suicide, but the second one wasn't so certain. that person stated that he couldn't see a weapon and so that moment is actually what
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led tom carr, the former montgomery county fire chief to say that this moment, this shooting was the moment that everyone sort of knew that something was seriously wrong, that someone or someones as the case may be were targeting innocent random people. for the next 23 days, we were all just really living in fear. we were zigzagging through parking lots, crouching when we were fueling up our tanks at gas stations, our kids weren't allowed to go outside. schools were on lockdown. and in total ten people were killed, three other victims critically injured before police finally arrested john allen mohammad and lee boyd malvo. mohammad was executed three years ago in 2009 but malvo is still serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. just ahead of this ten-year anniversary, he gave an interview to the "washington post" describing why he did what he did and how he felt about it ten years later.
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excerpts from that interview coming up at 6:30. >> thanks, kristin live at leisure world shopping center in silver spring, maryland. we have information on the people who died over those weeks and the ones that were injured as well. learn more about their lives. you can find the story right on our front page at new at 6:00 a.m., a hike coming to your electric bill but it's not the power companies who want it. it's the governor of maryland. "the washington post" reports today governor martin o'malley will ask state regulators today to allow electric companies to charge customers in advance for system upgrades. the governor tells the post it will cost you $1 or $2. he says in exchange utilities like pepco and gbe will have to meet a higher standard of reliability. the governor says the move would allow utilities to perform several years of upgrades in just the next two months. the redskins are playing offense when it comes to
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gambling in maryland. the team issue add press owe lease today -- issued a press release tuesday urging fans to vote for question 7. that's the ballot referendum which would allow table games in the state and add a casino in prince george's county. the skins call it good for the local economy. as we've been reporting, the occupy protesters are back for this week. they say they're going to, quote, stick to the banks today. they're upset with the banks foreclosing on homes. starting at 8:00 the protesters will be outside the bank of america at 15th street and pennsylvania avenue which is of course across from the white house and the treasury department. this afternoon at the plan on going after several other banks in the area. at 6:05, jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> just 82 shopping days left till christmas. but it's one of the most important times of the year for retailers. will it be a good one? >> i know you're not thinking about this stuff yet. you know, the holidays. but the stores certainly are. have you seen them yet?
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the christmas tree displays? they're already out. maybe that's a sign of the growing optimism for retailers for this upcoming holiday season season. >> reporter: retailers expect more jingle at cash registers this holiday season. the national retail federation estimates holiday sales will top $586 billion. that's an increase of 4.1% over last year. >> for many retailers this is as much as 30% to 40% of their entire year so you have to get it right because this sorts out the winners from the losers. >> with more mobile and social options, consumers are expected to do more holiday shopping online this year potentially as much as a jump of 12%. but the season could get a later start on the airwaves as retailers compete with political ads through early november. >> so they're going to have to work very hard in the last part of november and into december and i think that will mean a lot of promotions and a lot of product presentation to really pull people into the stores and
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get them to shop. >> reporter: things could change between now and the end of this holiday season. variables include the outcome of the presidential race, the unemployment rate, and debate in congress over the so-called fiscal cliff, including those tax cuts set to expire in january. >> one retail forecaster thinks certain must have presents will bring in the shoppers. there's the furby right there. there could also be lines for the ipad mini, which could be unveiled by apple as soon as two weeks from today. the calendar could give retailers a gift. thanksgiving falls very early on november 22. that gives you 32 shopping days before christmas which turns out to be the highest number possible. procrastinators delight this year. $54 for the furby. >> what does it do? >> it talks to you and it learns interactions with you, can dance to your favorite
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songs. it speaks furbish and there's an app for that. >> of course there is. does it give you directions? >> sticking with elmo. our time 16:08. in four -- is 6:08. in four minutes a preview of tonight's presidential debates. learn how many voters could change their minds based on what they hear. >> any rain you heard on the rooftop is gone. it's really foggy in parts of the region. howhoward will tell us if we're going to see the sun today. keep it right here on 9news now.
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first. we're start out with some clouds, fog, even a stray shower. temperatures by lunch time 79. high today could be around 84, 85, maybe 86 with a drive home temp of 83. a slight chance after shower later today as well -- of a shower later today as well. a crash northbound route 1 out of woodbridge in fort belvoir at lorton road tying up the right side. east on 66 and everywhere has to deal with the volume, the fog and the wet pavement. your 66 coming into manassas, delays into centreville and again fair oaks and falls church. your next timesaver traffic at 6:17. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. it is 6:11. the first presidential debate of this campaign season begins in less than 15 hours. it's in denver at 9:00 tonight. >> both major candidates were off the campaign trail on tuesday. they're getting ready for tonight's big debate. >> their running mates were doing the campaign and
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democrats were trying to fix this gaffe made by vice president biden while in north carolina. >> this is deadly earnest. how they can justify -- how they can justify raising taxes to the middle class that's been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts. look, folks, we've seen this movie before. >> a romney spokeswoman says she couldn't agree more. she agrees the president's policies have, quote, buried the middle class. congressman paul ryan hit the campaign trail in iowa tuesday. his stump speech focused on the economy and in an interview with a local tv station, ryan talked about what he called the unraveling of the obama administration's foreign policy. >> iran closer to a nuclear weapon, the russians are thwarting us every step of the world. people around the world sense america is weakening.
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when we project weakness abroad through the qirve indication of this administration, through the devastating defense cuts they're proposing, that means our enemies, our adversaries become more brazen. they're more willing to test us. >> congressman ryan also called the white house response to the consulate attack in libya, quote, slow and confused. millions of americans will watch tonight's debate by some estimates maybe 50 million. it's in denver again at 9:00. it's just about one in five voters though who might be changing their vote based on what the candidates say in these debates. here's a look at a new poll from our partners at "u.s.a. today." it says 24% of people would call themselves obama voters say they could change their minds because of what happened in the presidential debates. it's 18% for people who identify themselves as romney voters. gary nurenberg reports on the increasing number of small undecided voters that are the ones being targeted during tonight's debate. >> reporter: the romney and obama campaigns agree on this.
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>> it is about the 4%, 5% of people who really have not been paying much attention to the campaign who haven't made up their minds. >> reporter: american university professor. >> anything is possible but in order for it to have real impact, romney would have take some rinks and obama would have to make some mistakes. >> reporter: romney risking alienating the republican right. >> i don't think they would stay home but might give him less money. >> reporter: still important for the ongoing ad war. >> people say that romney should come in with some zingers and try to make obama lose his cool. >> reporter: zingers make debate history. '88 vice presidential when dan quail was comparing him to jack kennedy. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> but here's the punch line of that. who won the election? bush and quayle. >> reporter: but staying cool under attack? >> there you go again.
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>> reporter: you get points. being too cool? >> if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: michael dukakis' numbers dropped after the unfeeling too cool answer. the undecided need reasons to decide. >> substance is more important but demeanor counts. >> people said what, he doesn't think this is important enough to stick around another ten minutes? >> reporter: al gore hurt by his impatient sighing. this year look for this. >> i have never seen as much lying as i have in this campaign. >> that was gary nurenberg reporting. 9 news now and "u.s.a. today" are teaming up for the debate tonight. starting at 9:00 "u.s.a. today" reporters will be fact checking what the candidates say. you can see their analysis on our website of course a full recap on 9news
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now at 11:00. right now we have a full weather forecast and everything else for the week ahead from howard. >> a lot of fog out there this morning. they've expanded the dense fog advisory into the shenandoah valley. not just the northern shenandoah valley but the whole valley now. let's start with the bus stop forecast. getting ready for school, well, it's foggy. it's damp. maybe a little drizzle but radar is quiet. that stray shower has now pulled into pennsylvania and delaware. temperatures are mild. mid-60s to even mid-70s in consume of spots. sunrise at 7:06. look at these visibilities. they're down to a half mile in spots like frederick but a quarter mile martinsburg and hagerstown. got a quarter mile back toward stanton. harrisonburg an eighth of a mile at dulles. that's one of our lowest visibilities. things have improved some in annapolis. there's a little front trying to lift north and ahead of it this is where we're seeing the fog. north and east of town, one dense fog advisory till 8:00 for the bath more area
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northeast -- baltimore area northeast and for the entire shenandoah valley and parts of the mountains of west virginia till 9:00 a.m. then things will get much better later this morning into the afternoon. we're expecting partly sunny skies by noon, 80 degrees. just a stray shower early and stray shower late. 84 at 3:00. highs 85, maybe 86 with a 6:00 p.m. temperature still of 82 degrees. not too cool out there this morning. sterling, leesburg, lovettsville 64. those are the cool spots. andrews is 72. annapolis is 75 last check. college park 71. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, still quite foggy. 72 degrees with the clouds at reagan national and the fog. humidity way up at 94%. a south wind at 5 miles an hour. do want to show you cooler air coming into the country. we're going to start to feel that later on sunday into monday. so we're going to be warm the next few days but it is october. itself friend is going to turn colder. 85 today, summer like with annual isolated shower once we get rid of the morning fog.
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tonight 60 to near 70. tomorrow 82. i know. very warm. we should be in the low 70s for highs. friday looks nice too at 82. over the weekend a shower saturday ahead of the front. showers sunday and much cooler on monday. let's go to beverly farmer at 6:18 with timesaver traffic. >> right outside we've been mentioning the weather such a big factor with the visibility, the wet pavement, slick roadways, interstates in decent shape. the volume you see in hyattstown actually off and on out of frederick on the brakes down toward clarksburg and germantown. more delays forming into gaithersburg and rogville. no accident -- rockville. no accidents to report on the interstate. prince william county dealing with an accident, a rollover. take you in on 66 where the delays have been through manassas and centreville, into fair oaks and the load up in falls church. the hov rules get ready to kick in inside the beltway. the left side of the screen, headlights toward you, heavy traffic toward sycamore street.
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234 near i-95, northbound route 1 just north of lorton road getting up to fort belvoir they're dealing with a crash on the right side. northbound 95 the volume in lorton takes you in toward springfield and 395 building volume into landmark. your next timesaver traffic at 6:25. andrea and mike, back to you. it's 6:19 and it's the last day of the regular baseball season. next in sports, what's at stake for the nats and the os. >> right now bragging rights that are at stake. time for the question of the morning. in the last year four out of ten american adults say they have gone a week without using which one of these things? is it a a vehicle, b, cash, or c, a television. >> facebook friend bernadette says it's b, cash. this is so 20th century. as much as we're addicted to smartphones, we're even more hooked on bank cards. >> post your guess on our facebook page. we'll have the answer at 6:54. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:22. your weather first on this foggy wednesday morning. quick look at visibilities. starting to come up here. national airport up to four miles. north and west of town we have an eighth at dulles. areas northwest of town and east of town we'll have to deal with the fog a few more hours. partly sunny. still foggy in northwest d.c. 08 by noon with -- 80 by noon and highs in the mid-80s and slight chance after shower. the nationals and phillies wrap up the regular season with a matinee at nationals park. d.c. can wrap up the best record in baseball with a win. >> davey johnson says most of his starters will play. last night there were a lot of backup guys, guys who can call themselves the goon squad. >> as good as the goons were, it was a regular who drove in the go ahead run. adam la roche hit his 33rd home run of the season. the blast give him 100 rbis of the year. nats top the phillies 4-2. with
6:24 am
a win today the nationals will clinch the top seed in the playoffs. that means they'll face the winner of the wild card playing game. either the braves or cardinals. they can also wrap up a top spot if they lose and the reds noose. if the nats lose and reds win, the nats would be the number two seed. got it? that means a first round matchup with the giants. >> we're not done yet so keep your pen handy. it will be an exciting final game for the season for the orioles. they're still within reach of the al east title. they were just four hits and only one run between the o az and rays -- os and rays last night. baltimore topped tampa bay 1-0. now, if the orioles win today and the yankees lose, they'll have a one-game playoff to decide the division winner. the os would host that game on thursday. if the orioles lose or the yankees win, baltimore would be
6:25 am
the one of the wild card teams. they would play the loser of today's game between the as and the rangers. >> would you repeat that one more time. >> okay. it 16:25. coming up, it is 6:25. why october is definitely a month to keep an eye on wall street. >> a new computer scam out there. find out the single word that tipped off a local man that this whole thing was not on the up and up. >> right now beverly farmer has a check on our commute. >> the wet pavement, the fog factor not helping anybody's ride. a crash north of lorton on route 1 not going to help things. here's 395 passing duke street. the heavy volume continues past seminary road. thank you for joining us this morning. 9news now continues right after this.
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6:29 if you're just waking up. if you want your weather first, this is the place where you need to be. balmy, damp, a little foggy. add some extra time. 71 degrees on national walk to school day. thank you for starting your walk to school day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace checking out the soup. good morning. >> foggy out here but thankfully the radar is quiet. yesterday if it was walk to school day, everybody would have been soaked. some areas got up to 4 inches of rain north and west of town. this morning fog is the issue. we start with a look outside from our tower camera. you can see all the fog in northwest d.c., wisconsin
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avenue at the bottom of the screen. we're 72. cloudy in national. visibilities improving. maybe a stray shower or drizzle this one or two spots. temperatures 80 by noon. low to mid-80s for highs with a stray shower this afternoon. dense fog advisory till 8:00 north and west. visibilities way down. they've coup to four miles at national but still an eighth at dulles. half mile at gaithersburg and frederick. a quarter mile down to martinsburg. 80s later with partly sunny skies. let's check in with beverly farmer and check in on the commute. the wet pavement and fog a factor for you along with a handful of accidents, a lot single accident vehicles. a crash over in the clarksburg area, springtown road 355 dealing with a crash. here's 95 northbound coming past the prince william parkway. there's been separate delays in quantico getting past the prince william parkway in woodbridge and into newington. word of a vehicle broken down
6:31 am
just before the 14th street bridge on 395. if traveling on 66 still delays through manassas and centreville. the hov rules kick in just now. still volume near falls church. lanes are open to the roosevelt bridge. an accident in chantilly on 50 near spring fellow road had police responding. if you travel the outer loop of the beltway, the volume into silver spring is building. the good news is between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard, the new traffic pattern around the long-term bridge work zone have all lanes together. no longer divided by the jersey wall. here's the beltway at colesville road moving pretty well right now. 270 delays most of the way out of frederick take you to high yachtstown. your next timesaver traffic at 7:43. you can catch the first of three presidential debates on channel 9. the topic domestic issues, especially the economy. >> our partners will be looking ahead to that debate. gayle king joins us live from new york with a preview.
6:32 am
good morning, gayle. >> i've got the preview now. hello mike and andrea. senior advisors from the romney and obama campaigns will be with us. we'll ask them about a controversial video of president obama that just resurfaced. how the vice presidential candidates are clashing on the campaign trail and what can we expect tonight. we were there last month as scientists caught and tagged a great white shark. remember that? we've been tracking it and today you may be surprised to see what we've learned. we'll share that with you today starting at 7:00. back to you. >> thank you, gayle. this week marks the tenth anniversary of the sniper shootings which terrorized our region. ten people died, three more were hurt and the deadliest day was this date ten years ago. that's when four people were gunned down on what started out as a normal morning in our region. kristin fisher is live at one of those shootings, the leisure world shopping plaza in silver spring. >> reporter: good morning.
6:33 am
ten years ago today today was the day law enforcement really realized they were dealing with a person or persons who were targeting innocent random people people. the shooting that happened around 8:45 in the morning brought it into focus. there have been two other shootings this morning ten years ago today, another shooting the night before. then around 8:45 in the morning, sarah ramos was reading a book when she was shot and killed. for the next 23 days, everyone in the washington area really lived in fear not knowing when or where the d.c. snipers were strike next. >> you didn't want to go outside. >> a lot of parents i can remember them calling. it reminded me sort of 9/11. everyone was afraid to let their children get on the bus. >> reporter: finally after
6:34 am
three weeks of terror, police arrested john allen mohammad and lee boyd malvo. mow ham mad was executed in 2009 but malvo still in prison. ahead of the ten-year anniversary, malvo spoke to "the washington post" about what he did what he did and how he felt about it a decade later. in a very disturbing interview, he recalls the moment that one of the victims linda franklin was shot and killed outside a home depot in virginia. he described her husband's eyes as he watched what happened. malvo said it is the worst sort of pain i have ever seen in my life. his eyes do not possess the depth in which to fully convey that emotion and what i felt when i saw t. you feel like the worst piece of scum on the planet. such haunting words even ten years later. malvo has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. mike? >> still amazing as we look back. kristin fisher is live at leisure world shopping center in silver spring, maryland. >> we want to know what you remember about those attacks ten years ago.
6:35 am
do you think justice was served with the execution of john allen mohammad and the life in prison sentence given to lee malvo. join the discussion on our facebook page. the university of the district of columbia is cutting programs and jobs in an effort to remain open. the washington examiner reports they will cut seven departments and lay off 25 professors and star. the school's troubling finances came to light during its bid for independence. that's when authorities learned the financial instability would hinder its chances at accreditation. virginia state vehicle fleet is about to go green. governor bob mcdonnell announced two private companies will convert the vehicles used by the state to run on alternative fuels. he said the move is to contribute to the nation es independence from foreign oil. -- nation's independence from foreign oil. a new e-mail scam makes you believe you're getting a message from the f.b.i. but be careful. it's really trying to steal
6:36 am
your money. peter walden got a message on his computer saying the f.b.i. had blocked it claiming he had done something illegal online. he says he got suspicious when the message he had -- when the message said to make a $200 online payment within 72 hours and his computer would be freed up again. then he noticed the message heading. it read "federal bureau investigation." and not "federal bureau of investigation." that small detail is something someone could easily overlook. >> if i could have 10, 15, 20 people just because of their awareness, then i would be doing a service to my community. >> an f.b.i. spokesperson says the bureau never asks americans for money. speaking of money, 6:36, jessica doyle is watching yours. >> you're here to explain why october is such a big deal on wall street. >> hold on to your stock portfolios, people. october can be a very, very bad month when it comes to stock
6:37 am
market crashes. the 1929 stock market crash that led to the great depression october. black monday 1987, down 22% october. 2008 stock market crash, dow jones industrial average was in 2,697 points in 19 days, october. but our partners at "u.s.a. today" point out don't let that nasty history scare you. this could wind up being a pretty good month for stocks. in the past 20 years october is the third best performing month on wall street. you're now tree-free to walk about the cabin and buy the galaxy 10.1 tablet computer from samsung in the united states. the judge found the tablet did not illegally use technology developed by apple for its ipads and iphones but the jury did find that many of samsung's other products did inning frin
6:38 am
on ap -- infringe on apple's patents an ordered them to pay $1 billion. one thing rich people can do that the rest of us can't? they can buy an high wan island. oracle c.e.o.'s just did that. he plans to turn the hawaiian island into an environmental paradise. he's pushing electric cars on the island and he hopes to increase its fruit exports to japan and other markets. by the way, worth an estimated $41 billion. ladies, the bold larry ellison is free. he's single. >> nothing is free. >> call me, larry. you're a handsome man. our time 16:38. in nine minutes -- is 6:38. in nine minutes our pets are helping out their human friends. >> it is foggy out there this wednesday monk. we have some sun this afternoon
6:39 am
headed our way. highs possibly to the mid-80s. straight ahead howard gives us a sneak peek of the weekend. we'll be right back. ♪
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good morning. welcome back. it's 6:43. 9news now with timesaver traffic. i'm beverly farmer in for monika. we're checking out the road for 3w 95 travelers. volume in landmark. this takes you most of the way to the 14th street bridge. before the bridge there was a crash in the left lane aggravated your drive there to head across the bridge into the district. people on 66 corridor, there's still delays through manassas, getting into somerville and -- centreville and leaving fair lakes and fair oaks to get into vienna. an accident on 50 had police on
6:44 am
the scene. they're clearing a crash on route 1 had been on the right side of the roadway. 66 -- rather 270 travelers and 95 travelers, no accidents but plenty of volume building. beltway from andrews, you've had lanes open as you make your ride from andrews, landover into silver spring. the volume building west of 95 for take you around georgia avenue is the slowest trip. we have an accident reported on kenilworth avenue at benning road and on randolph road. montgomery county, close to silver spring area. just a little west of colesville road and west of old columbia pike near tap rack road. -- tap rack road. a lot of equipment responding to that. your next traffic at 6:58. back to you. good morning, mr. bernstein. how are you? >> good morning. i'm well. we're a lot better than yesterday. even though we have problems, we don't have the pouring rain. we'll look at the positive. we have fog. that will be an issue for some, especially north and west of town. south and east of town, looks
6:45 am
like the visibility issues are no longer a concern. we have damp conditions out there because it's cloudy. it's humid. we had some showers and drizzle overnight but radar is quiet now. so fog going to be the concern. mid-60s north and west. low to mid-70s d.c. south and east. so a very mild morning. the fog, a real problem. dulles right now one eighth of a mile visibility. we've come up to a half mile in hagerstown. quarter in martinsburg. conditions improving from d.c. south and east but even west much of the shenandoah valley dealing with fog and visibilities less than a mile. dense fog advisory around baltimore. that one till 8:00. the other advisory goes till 9:00 a.m. for the entire i-81 corridor and even out toward cumberland and romney in west virginia. our day planner, we're going to see improving conditions later this morning toward the middle of the day. we'll see sunshine mixing with the clouds. 80 by lunch time with high in the mid-#s on. a slight -- mid-80s. a slight chance we'll see a shower this afternoon. 8:00 p.m. temperature 77 degrees. we have the low to mid-60s
6:46 am
north and west. 75 now in easton. 76, one of the warm spots. salisbury this morning 77 degrees. we're stuck with the fog still in northwest d.c. on our michael & son weather camera. cloudy skies at national, 72. south winds at 5. humidity way, way up at 94%. a shot of cool air coming down toward the northern rockies. highs only the low 40s in great falls. that cool air will probably be arriving here as we head into late sunday, monday. till then we have the moist flow coming across florida and the carolinas. humidity levels will be up. we may just pop a shower this afternoon. but it is going to be warm here the next few days. 85 today. some spots maybe even 86, 87 with a slight chance after shower this afternoon. tonight 65 to 70 for the low. keep in mind the average high is 73. tomorrow 82. that may be a little low. we may get to 84 tomorrow. but still a decent day with skies becoming partly to mostly sunny. a nice friday 82. maybe a shower saturday ahead of the next cold front and sunday we have 60s with some
6:47 am
showers. andrea? >> thank you, howard. october is breast cancer awareness month. our four-legged friends are joining the fight with critters for the cure. with me now is clancy crest, founder of critters for the cure. she brought along her best buddy. this is scully and i have one of my best buddies. this is kiwi, the intelligent one as my mother calls him. one of the reasons why we're here, critters for the cure, the name of the organization you founded, critters do make a difference in healing of whatever ails you. >> without question. without question. the one thing that's great about pets when you're going through something horrible like cancer is they give you a function, a reason for getting up every morning. and that pattern really does keep you going when you really feel like giving up. we have so many examples in our calendar. >> speaking of the calendar, 89 days left until 2013. so people are thinking about calendars. and this is a very special edition. >> it is. >> your sixth edition.
6:48 am
look who's the cover girl on the calendar. that's our own survivor jc hayward, breast cancer survivor and her two little guys there. what a great looking calendar. but on the inside? >> miss october. >> how about that. >> we made the calendar, kiwi. drum roll please. it's me. and the little girl in the family and of course kiwi, the intelligent one and the one who knows how to behave in public and september which is ovarian cancer awareness month is our own anita brikman and her guy. these are great calendars. we're not survivors. how did we make the calendar? >> we decided this year to shake it up. this is the first year where we've included three doctors, two surgeons, and a radiologien comingist, all three that -- radiologist oncologist, all three that have touched people
6:49 am
and jc hayward has unfortunately joined the sorority of breast cancer survivors and the two of you because do you so much with women's health. >> we're pleased to be a part of this. it is a fund-raiser. how do you use the money? how much are the calendars? >> the calendars are $19.95. they have stories in here as well from some of the cancer patients and doctors. >> you use the money to? >> we raise money to basically financially help women who are going through breast and gyn related cancers. we pay for just about anything they need throughout their cancer journey. >> critters for the cure, as it says it's the unspoken needs that really need the help financially and we thank critters for the cure for doing that. sully, good to see you. kiwi, calendar boy, hey, you did it, buddy. you're a star. we'll be right back. stay with us for more 9news now.
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welcome back. 6:53. your weather first. still dealing with dense fog especially south and west of town. south and east not nearly as bad. we'll be 80 by lurch time. i expect sun-- lunch time. i expect sunshine mixing in by then. conditions this afternoon becoming mostly cloudy, highs in the mid-80s. >> back to summer again. thanks. wednesday, october 3. here's a check on the news before you go. the manual accused of holding police at bay at the bell haven marina last week is due back in court. alexandria police say they took john watson into custody friday without incident. he'd been ordered to be held without bond. an appeal is still possible in pennsylvania. a judge there threw out the state voter i.d. law tuesday. it requires people show a government issued photo
6:54 am
identification in order to vote. a great year for the nats. two runs last night. adam la roche hit his 33rd home run of the year. nats topped the phillies 4-2. with a win today d.c. can secure the best record in baseball. our time is 6:54. and time now to get the answer to our question of the morning. in the last year, four out of ten american adults say they've gone a week without using which of these things, is it a, a vehicle, b, cash, or c, the tv if. >> the answer is b, cash. that's what we thought. >> absolutely. and all of our viewers who checked in, most of them thought it was. we have one more check of traffic and weather right here next on 9news now. don't go away.
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one more thing before we go. it's not really bring your pet to work today but andrea decided to do it and we're thrilled. >> he's so cute. >> critters for the cure calendar, jc hayward and her two doggies are on the cover of the calendar as a breast cancer survivor. anita brikman and i are also on the calendar. she's september. i'm october because we do support and encourage women to take charge of their own health. i'm with kiwi and you get to see the little rambunctious one but took a great photo. >> who is he growling at? is it howard? >> howard has been giving him lots of love. >> i love that scratchy spot on the back where they start going like this. >> you might see kiwi on the side of a truck if you're in the right place, too. >> weather wise you might not be seeing all that much with the fog. the fog will burn off in a few hours. 85, 86 this afternoon with a chance of an isolated sour as
6:59 am
we go partly sunny. 82 tomorrow and friday. a front over the weekend brings in much cooler air by monday. beverly? i wish the ride was looking as good as we were there in the studio. we've got a number of issues with an accident that closes the stretch of randolph road just east of old columbia or west of old columbia pike and east of fairland road. here's the beltway silver spring. heavy traffic continues out of college park with a new crash on the ramp to go north on 95. looks like a portion of the ramp will be blocked. still cleaning up a crash on 197. checking out the road 66 travelers, the lineups are in manassas, centreville, leaving fair lakes and fair oaks to get into vienna and heavy into vienna. back to you. as for wall street, looking choppy waiting on economic data. can you say goodbye? speak. speak. >> cbs this morning is next. they have the debate preview coming up. we'll see you


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